Japanese Magenese’s 2nd Album, ’TRIP MASTER 2’ was released on August 31st! (Weed day)

On the following day, September 1st, the album ranked 9th place on the APPLE MUSIC overall chart.
SON GONG, who is one of the members of Japanese Magenese said, ’Our weed-design album jacket ranked 9th place on the overall chart! I wish we could get the first place spot and appeal for weed legalization!! Thanks for listening guys’ on his twitter comment.

The album also features a wide variety of artists, including the first collaboration with ’Bitansan Dekao’, and his allies ’PERSIA’ and ’CHOUJI’. Also, the long-awaited classic, ’The Last Joint feat. J-REXXX Pro. Dodge Noledge’ which was performed at their live shows that fans had been waiting for even before the album was released, is going over big. There is no doubt Japanese Magenese’s victory march is unstoppable!!

https://linkco.re/rB6TdH4V (https://t.co/nua4T0Ab4c)



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