PERSIA releases `Door to Door`, an insert song for `Yamazaki Ichimon the Movie: Unification of Japan`

PERSIA started his digital distribution of his new song, `Door to Door` on Sep. 23.

`Door to Door` is an insert song for the movie, `Yamazaki Ichimon the Movie: Unification of Japan`. This song was inspired by the movie, and is also included as a coupling song on the single, `Otoko no Binbou-kuji`, which is the theme song for the movie. RIMAZI produced the song.


■PERSIA`s comment

`I was personally a fan of the `Unification of Japan` series, so it’s a big honor to be asked to be a part of it. Honestly speaking, I wanted to play a role in the movie, even as an extra lol. It was a big job, to make a song that will be played in a serious and tense gun fight scene, which directs the audiences to the climax of the film. I really enjoyed the making of the song. Thank you very much!`



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